Disc Duplication Versus Disc Replication

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Disc Duplication Versus Disc Replication


Unfortunately, not all duplicated DVD discs will play in all DVD players or computer disc drives. Unlike CD ROM’s, where all the manufacturers worked specifications out in advance, the manufacturers of DVD discs, players and computer drives did not agree on one standard to use. To add to the potential problems, duplicated DVD’s are burned with a laser impression and are not as readable as replicated DVD’s.

The good news is that newer DVD players and computer drives are being made to read most types of DVD’s, resulting in fewer compatibility issues. However, problems still exist with some players – depending on how much ‘homework’ the manufacturer did before producing the player. Chances are that if you experience difficulty in playing a duplicated DVD in a particular player, it will work in another.




Replicated DVD’s, such as those rented at Blockbusters are created by first making a ‘stamper’ from the original DVD, and the copies are literally stamped with a physical impression of the data. The stamped impression will last longer and is guaranteed to play on all players and computers. Unfortunately, it’s generally not cost effective to replicate DVD’s unless you’re making 1000 or more copies, as it costs hundreds of dollars just to make the stamper. Some companies will replicate as few as 500 discs, but you may pay a premium for smaller quantities.

Go to Google or another search engine and look up ‘DVD compatibility’ to learn more about the scope of the problem and find out which models have the most problems.

laser disc

laser disk

Here’s a list to help you decide which way to go:

DVD Duplication

o Cost effective for quantities UNDER 1000

o Uses a laser to burn data onto the disc

o Approximately 1 week or less turnaround time, depending on quantity, packaging, etc.

o NOT compatible with all DVD players

o Thermal or inkjet printing on face of disc. Can also laser print a paper label which can be affixed to the disc

DVD Replication

o Cost effective for quantities of 1000 and UP

o Uses a glass master to stamp information on to the disc

o Approximately 3 week turnaround time

o Professional quality. 100% compatibility with ALL DVD players

o Silkscreen-printing on disc and professional quality packaging

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